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Preparing for a White Water Rafting Adventure in Cairns

If you’re planning to sign up for white water rafting cairns offers, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time regardless if you choose to go on an adventure in the famous Tully River in Mission Beach or on the Barron River in Cairns.

Both will provide you the white water rush that you’re looking for. Enjoy the ride on Grade 1 and 2 rapids. Moreover, there are other adventures you can do while in the area. These include abseiling, canyoning, river boarding, and tubing.

And if you reach Behana Gorge, you can go cliff jumping, snorkeling, and rock sliding. If you sign up for a half day Cairns white water rafting, you can spend the rest pursuing other adventures that are not for the faint-hearted.

white water rafting cairns

Preparing for White Water Rafting in Cairns

Do some training

This is applicable for when you want to raft through class IV and V rapids, where stamina and upper body strength are much needed. Class 3 rapids and below, however, only require a minimal amount of strength.

Still, it would enhance your experience if you practice paddling for long stretches of time. Lifting weights, jogging, push-ups, and using row machines would also help.

Bring a towel and extra dry clothes or shoes

White water rafting gear is usually provided by tour operators. Just check that you have a PFD (personal safety device) or life and jacket helmet. What you need to bring are a towel and clothes that you can change into.

Other equipment worth having is a dry bag, weather radio, flares, compass, and bilge pumps. It’s up to you to decide if you want to bring them with you.

Wear secure fitting shoes

Most tour operators of white water rafting Cairns has today suggest wearing secure footwear, such as water shoes or river sandals. They won’t slip easily and get lost in the river. They will survive the wet ride as well.

Wear clothing that is appropriate and comfortable

When choosing your outfit, go for clothes that:

  • You won’t mind getting dirty or wet.
  • Won’t become heavy and uncomfortable when wet.
  • Don’t have strings or anything that will get snagged along the way.
  • Won’t feel uncomfortable while you’re sitting down and paddling.
  • Will allow free and easy movement.

Arrive early

At least 30 minutes before your scheduled white water rafting cairns offer, you should be in the meeting area. You need time to sign a liability waiver, get fitted for your life jacket and helmet, and listen to safety lecture and instructions.

White water rafting can be enjoyed rain or shine, so you won’t have to worry if the day looks a little gloomy. The river is calling and you should gear up and respond.

Find Cairns White Water Rafting Tours

If you’re looking for a white water rafting tour operator in Cairns, contact Wildside Adventures and sign up for their half day or full day sports raft tour at the Tully River. The full-day tour comes with morning tea and lunch, while the half day tour comes with a free beer.

They also offer other adventure packages, such as camping and 4×4 adventure at Blencoe Falls. So contact Wildside Adventures today. For more details, visit at

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