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Enjoying the wonders of Noosa in the fabulous Little Cove

Noosa is one of the best destinations for vacation on the Sunshine Coast. However, you should find the best accommodation on a prime location to enjoy the place. Thus, you should consider booking a Little Cove Noosa accommodation for your getaway.

little cove noosa accommodation


Little Cove is one of the fabulous beaches you can find in the Shire of Noosa which faces the Laguna Bay. It features peaceful yet scenic views, while allowing you to enjoy different beach and water activities. Moreover, it’s located in a favourable spot for tourists who want to enjoy Noosa conveniently. And, various accommodation types are available around the area as well.

Book a Little Cove accommodation and enjoy the wonders in Noosa today

Booking one of the best Noosa accommodation houses in Little Cove lets you enjoy fascinating activities and destinations easily. Here are some of them:

Beach activities

Noosa is a coastal area on the Sunshine Coast, so it lets you enjoy one beach after another throughout your vacation. You can begin at the popular Noosa Main Beach, then enjoy the Noosa National Park Beaches which include Alexandria Bay, Granite Bay, and Tea Tree Bay. All are few minutes’ walk from Little Cove, which itself is a stunning beach as well.

You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or strolling in these destinations. You can also head to the Noosa Spit, which is a beach where you can let your dog run without leash. Of course, you can enjoy different water activities and sports throughout your vacation as well.

Water sports

Picking a Noosa accommodation on the beach will let you enjoy different water sports in the area. Note that Noosa is a popular spot for international surfers, and you can find specific beaches for beginner lessons here. In Little Cove, for example, you can go surfing on gentle waves which are favourable for beginners and longboarders.

You can also find destinations for snorkelling, kite surfing, fishing, and boating among other water activities. And, these spots are reachable from a Little Cove accommodation as well.

Noosa National Park

The Noosa National Park is one of the best destinations for every tourist in the area. It features picture-perfect sceneries, such as beaches, heathlands, dunes, and a 9,800-acre rainforest. It also houses dozens of native plant and animal species that greet you upon coming.

What’s more, you can enjoy this grand park easily when you pick a Little Cove Noosa accommodation for your stay. Little Cove sits near the entrance of Noosa National Park, thus you can simply walk for a visit if you want to.

Hastings Street establishments

A Noosa accommodation luxury experience wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the life on Hastings Street. Located a few minutes from the Little Cove, Hastings Street is a coastal road in Noosa that houses various establishments, such as shopping centres, bars, and restaurants. You can even visit a beachfront restaurant on the boardwalk and enjoy good food while facing a fascinating view of the sea.

Simply choosing a Little Cove Noosa accommodation will let you enjoy all of these throughout your vacation conveniently. You can relax at the beach, have fun with different water activities, visit the Noosa National Park, and have a great time on Hastings Street.

Be sure, however, to book accommodation at least 2 weeks before you arrive. This is to secure a place for you to stay in Little Cove.

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Updated: November 24, 2019 — 1:56 am
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